I was long overdue a new pair of sunglasses, and unlike most of you lucky lot I can't just pop down to Primark and pick up any pair I like. Because I wear eyegalsses I need prescription sunglasses as I can't stand swapping from sunglasses to glasses on and off all day so that I can see things and I don't enjoy wearing contacts. My last pair of prescription sunglasses were three whole years ago and thankfully my prescription has stayed relatively the same during this period meaning I didn't have to get a new pair every year. I always get my glasses online because it's so much cheaper so I was surfing the web for prescription sunglasses about a month ago as I am going to France at the start of July and very randomly I received an email from GlassesShop.com asking if I would like to review a pair, it couldn't be better timing!

GlassesShop.com are perfect for purchasing both glasses frames online and sunglasses online. They have a large range of frames that you can choose to use as either glasses OR sunglasses (or both if you choose transition lenses) The frames are all around the £25 mark and then the lenses are free - £15 depending on what extras you add on! The super lovely people over at GS.com have given me a 50% OFF all Eyeglasses & Sunglasses frames with FREE lenses code (full price products only) to share with you, use GSHOT50 at the checkout to redeem!

I chose this pair of thick rim Wayfarer style sunglasses that are a dark navy - clear ombre with a mirror finish (I love mirror finishes on sunglasses) and I love them! I always go for this type of style / shape as I think it suits my face more than the super fashionable cat eye or thin frames. They are the perfect 'opposite' pair to my pastel purple sunglasses meaning I will have a pair that suits all my summer outfits!

They arrived in about 12 working days shipped from China and are brilliant quality. In fact they are so good my mum has decided to buy herself a pair too! It is currently 27 degrees outside as I write this. 27 degrees.. in Manchester.. it's like a miracle so these sunnies are so very much needed! Be sure to check out the site HERE and use the code GSHOT50 for 50% OFF frames with FREE LENSES! Don't worry those of you who don't wear glasses, you can just buy a normal pair of sunnies and use the code too! 
What do you think of the style I chose? What's your favourite style of sunglasses?

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