As you can see from the photos, this palette has been used quite a bit already before I got around to taking photos, this is the Audacious 3 palette from Freedom that only cost me £4 and can be bought in Superdrug, it is also exactly the same as the Makeup Revolution Palette in Iconic 3 which you can also buy from Superdrug for £4, they are made by the same company but I feel this palette is set out easier to use then the MR version. I've checked the ingredients and they are identical. 

These shades are my perfect palette. Nude, rosey and hints of bronze. I take this palette with my to my boyfriends as it's all the colours I could need to create a day or night look! The shadows are creamy and yes a little powdery but when applied with your finger they melt onto the skin and look absolutely gorgeous, for just £4 this is the ultimate nude palette for me! 

 Why do I find it so hard to take swatches and photograph them? Anyway here is a quick overview of all the colours against my pale skin, I think these shades would be perfect for any skin tone as they are just the right amount of cool and warm. Two big thumbs up from me for this palette! 

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