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You may have seen that I had this Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray in my last wishlist post, I finally managed to pick it up a couple of weeks ago and have been using it since! I no longer wear make up every single day for a couple of reasons, One - I work from home and only pop out a couple of times a day to walk the dog so I don't see the point in spending 15 minutes putting make up on no one will see & Two - I still suffer from acne so any days where I don't feel the need / want to wear make up I will have a skincare day and just let me skin breathe. 

However if I'm going to be filming a video, popping out at the weekend or going to my boyfriends I do like to spruce myself up and wear make up so this fixing spray was something I really wanted to give a go. I used to use a Body Shop setting spray which was 'ok' but nothing brilliant I saw some amazing reviews for Freedom and it's very affordable (half the price of the body shop one) so I went to my local Superdrug that stocked Freedom and picked it up (along with some other freedom items!)

Firstly it's an incredibly fine mist which I really like as it doesn't make my face feel instantly wet! I spray this about 10cm away from my face 5 times from different angles after I have finished my make up and it dries almost instantly. I have really seen a noticeable difference in how long my makeup lasts, along with my use of the Nivea Mens Shaving Balm as a primer I am on the dream team of lasting cosmetics. I 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a great fixing spray and don't want to spend a bomb!  

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