Spring nails! Pastel shades and flowers. These Elegant Touch Carousel* Daisy pattern nails are perfect for the season. They're almond shape which I much prefer to the stiletto trend at the moment as I feel like I can't do anything if my nails are too long. There are 10 sizes to choose from so you're bound to find the perfect fit and these can be applied with the supplied glue, or the elegant touch Nail Guards which are like super sticky pads that keep the nails on for up to 10 days but offer a trouble free removal when soaked in warm water and peeled off. 

These nails retail at £7.99 and can be found on several online shops and in superdrugs, there are a lots of designs to choose from so there is something for everyone! I wore a similar pair to these on valentines and even my boyfriend complimented them! Do you wear false nails & what's you're favourite brand?

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