seventeen - define & conquer countour kit

I have never been good at contouring, I usually just swirl my brush around in my solar powder and then give my face a little bit of colour but I can never get that whole contour thing down without looking like a muddy mess. Alot of contour shades I have owned have sparkle in that make me look like a disco ball so I'm glad that this define & conquer* kit is all matte, even the highlighter! 

As you can see the powder is really soft and matte meaning that I don't have to worry too much when blending it out that I am spreading glitter or shimmer over my face. The lighter highlight shade is really unusual but works really well on the cheekbones and even as an inner eye highlight! 

Here are the swatches of the two shades, very pigmented although these are built up with about 3 layers that means even someone as heavy handed as me has a chance of keeping it natural and easy to blend. Also because I am so pale I was worried it would be too dark on me but surprisingly it works very nicely!

And lastly, the kit comes with a card that is super helpful to a contour noob like myself! I don;t go all out and do the sides of my nose as although I have quite a wide nose I feel it looks ok as it is and don't want to mess around trying to slim it! For only £5.99 this is a super helpful little kit that would be perfect for beginners like me! BUY HERE.

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