liz earle - cleanse & polish | rose & cedrat

It's been about a year since I last used a Liz Earle product simply due to owning so much skincare and testing out other brands. When I got sent over the new Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish* I was very excited as I remember really enjoying the normal one and my skin was really clear when I had that. Having just turned 23 having a face full of acne is getting rather frustrating. 

The scent is very fresh and not overly floral which I worried it might be going off the packaging. I'm not a huge fan of rose scented skincare but this has a really nice refreshing scent that doesn't linger. I forgot how much I loved the formulation of the cleanse and polish. It's nice and thick and simply melts my make up off my skin leaving it clean without being dried out. If you've never tried this before you really need to get your butt down to John Lewis and pick up the travel version to give it a try!

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