I love a good skincare kit, so when I received this Farmacy ( farm cultivated, science activated) skincare set I was very excited to start using everything. I have been trying things out for just over a month and decided it's time to share with you my thoughts!

Firstly (as usual) let's address the packaging. This is one of the most gorgeously packed skincare sets I think I have ever received. I have since removed the contents, peeled the sticker of the lid and filled the wooden box with products I need to photograph and review on my blog. It's the perfect size to hold all my 'to review' products. 

I'll be honest that I actually haven't tried this kale gel mask yet as I am saving it for the day before Valentines when I see my boyfriend (let's hope it doesn't break me out or turn me green or something!) However if it is anything like the other products, it will be a dream to use!  

This sleep tight firming night balm is lovely! It has a strange texture in that it looks quite solid in the tub and balmy but when you rub it into the skin it becomes sort of an oil that sinks into the skin! It is meant to promote collagen renewal and keep your skin plump and wrinkle free. I don't have many wrinkles to fill but I do feel my skin being more plump in the morning (I use at night) and not require such a heavy moisturiser in the morning.

This is hands down my favourite product from this kit! It now has a permanent place in my bathroom. It consists of fine powder and cranberry seeds that when you add a little water it foams up and you can exfoliate your face. It leaves my face so clean and soft and makes the next stages of my skincare work even better. 

Lastly I have two of the Lip Blooms, these come in 6 scents and all boast the same properties, smoothing, hydrating and plumping. They aren't the best lip balms I have used but I keep the Lavender Mint one on my side table to pop on at night and the scent helps me fall asleep. Overall I am pleased with the Farmacy skincare however do think there are cheaper alternatives out there that are just as good. See more here.

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