The Body Shop - All in one BB cream

I have just returned from a week away in Wales with my family, boyfriend and four legged best friend Puka. From all the make up I own, this was the only base product I took with me as I have been so impressed with it's finish! This is the new Body Shop Colour Adapting Tinted Cream* which is literally amazing to use because it comes out white and then blends into the perfect match for your skin!

This super product comes in 5 shades which you may think sounds stupid as it's colour adapting, but it actually means a better match for you! The shade I have is 00 which is fair skin tones, then there are four other shades for light, medium, darker and finally dark skin tones which means that each product can match you to the best of it's ability. As you can see it comes out almost fully white which can look a little weird if you apply this after your concealer like I do! But once you start to blend (which seems to work best with fingers but a brush works okay too) it turns into a really lovely light to medium coverage foundation that is full of moisture and does not clog pores or feel heavy on the skin!

You can see here as I start to blend it that it becomes a lovely skin colour that is pretty much the perfect match for me. I wore this with a full face of make up to a restaurant on our last night and there was no patchiness or flaking on our return. It leaves a really nice dewy finish which is something I have been embracing recently but doesn't look greasy or wet. 

Here is it finally blended in and it's fairly undetectable! It has quickly become my go to base as it's light but gives the perfect coverage and finish. If you are looking for a new base at just £12 this is the perfect accompaniment to your daily face! See more info here

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