my new vintage radio

I have been looking for a radio just like this, for ages! There are some super expensive brands out there and I couldn't justify the price for the sake of a brand name, so when I saw that these vintage themed DAB, Bluetooth radios were going to be Aldi's Thursday special, I knew I had to get one. There are three colours to choose from, a plain cream, the one I bought and another floral design in red. We do our weekly shop at Aldi stores so I'm used to seeing all the tech devices in the glass case, but have never actually bought one before.

This bad boy cost me £39.99 which I thought was a real bargain for the features it pack in! Firstly its a DAB radio which I've never had before meaning that it can scan for channels itself and also provide information like what song is playing! Even better, it has Bluetooth! Which means I can sync it with my iPhone, leave my phone plugged in to charge in one room and have my music blasting from this in another room! You can save 10 radio stations with the Tuning button so that I just have to press 1 for Radio one, 2 for XFM etc. This is so handy to swap between stations instead of tuning by hand! The last feature that really sold me was that it has two power options, plugging it into the mains or using 4 D batteries meaning it's mobile and you can carry it room to room, take it in the car with you, or even on holiday. 

It's really nice quality, solid design and a beautiful leather feel that makes it feel extremely luxurious and expensive. The controls are very easy to use and the instruction booklet is very easy to understand. There is only one thing with the radio that I am noy 100% on, and that's a recorded message that was obviously done in the factory by a lovely Chinese lady, who lets you know your blue tooth is connected / is ready to connect. And whilst I don't mind this, it does take away from the luxury feel as I think a more 'robotic' or fake siri like voice might suit it better. 

If you are looking for a gorgeous multi functional radio, hop it over to your local Aldi and check the glass cabinet to see if they have the radio available. You may need to ask to see the patterns available like I did. I am so so happy with my purchase and have used the Radio every day since I purchased it on Thursday. Please be aware this is a limited edition product, so once they're all sold that's it! 

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