my daily makeup & how much is my face worth?

I have been on a bit of a blog and youtube hiatus recently but having missed it so much I am finally back. Today I decided to do a post that has been requested numerous times and throw in the 'How much is my face worth?!' tag! I have recently perfected my daily make up routine, and this is my natural every day look, so no smoky eyes or crazy bold lip colours! Let's dive in!

The first thing I do after washing my face and applying a moisturiser is use a lip balm and use a small dot of the Murad oil control mattifying moisturiser just around my t-zone to stop any shine appearing throughout the day. BABY LIPS - £2.99 | MURAD OIL CONTROL - £35

Four concealers? Yes, but bare with! The top two I use under my eyes and blend out with my Real Techniques Buffing brush. They completely hide my dark circles and doesn't crease! The second two are the concealers that I am currently using instead of foundation. I've decided not to cover my whole face in makeup as some of my skin is completely fine, instead I just apply concealer to any acne or red marks that I currently have and buff that in. Lasting perfection is my favourite concealer as it's the perfect shade for me and the Seventeen On the Spot concealer is a little too dark but gives a really good coverage, so the two mixed together work really well for me! MINERS CONCEALER - £1.99 | LUMI MAGIQUE CONCEALER - £8.49 | LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER - £4.19 | SEVENTEEN ON THE SPOT CONCEALER - £4.99

Next I set the concealer with a translucent power so that I'm not adding any more colour to my face. I love this clear complexion formula as it's perfect to let your skin breathe! POWDER - £3.99

Then I move onto cheeks and bronzer! As you can tell, I adore this blusher and I got it super cheap on the XTRAS website a few months ago. It's called juicy peach and it gives the perfect hint of colour without it being too obvious or pink. Then I use the Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer subtly over my forehead, cheekbones and chin to create a nice glow, this is my favourite bronzer and would recommend it to any pale girls out there! ASTOR BLUSH - £3.21 | SOLAR POWDER - £11

Now onto brows! First I tame the beasts with my tiny spooly then apply the brown powder on the right of my Sleek palette to my brows to make them even and look somewhat similar! I then set them with my w7 clear mascara so that they don't blow around in the wind! SLEEK BROW PALETTE -  £8.49 | W7 MASCARA - £1

Next I curl my lashes and apply my new favourite mascara which would you believe is from poundland! This is the Never Ending Story mascara in black and it gives me really long and voluminous lashes that don't smudge! MASCARA - £1

Lastly I apply a small highlight to my cheekbones with my mini sample of Benefits Highbeam, I purchased this off ebay about 4 years ago and still have loads left! I dot it 3 times on each cheek then use my finger to pat it out to give me a lovely glow! Benefit Highbeam - £19.50

So that is my daily make up routine, and now it's time to add it all up and see how much my face is worth! Some of the products I have are samples so I have just used the full size prices to add all this up, DRUM ROLL PLEASE! £105.84! Wow, I was not expecting it to be that much! It's amazing how things add up! 
How much is your face worth?! 


  1. Ooh love the idea for this post Serena! I wonder how much my face is worth haha, I will borrow this format if you don't mind and link to your blog in my post :-)


  2. It's amazing to think how much we spend on so little makeup haha! Can't wait to see yours! x