Benefit The Porefessional primer

In the first of my trio of benefit POREfessional reviews, I am starting with the original. The POREfessional Primer! This is a soft and silky primer that minimises the appearance of pores meaning you can apply the rest of your make up to a flawless finish. You can even apply this on top of make up throughout the day if you notice any pesky pores peeking through. 

As you can see, you apply it to a moisturised skin (I use the Murad oil mattifier moisturiser) just in the areas where you think you need it such as forehead, T-zone and chin, I then I wait a few minutes before applying my concealer just to let it sink into my pores. I use my fingers to apply it as then you can feel just how much you need to spread it out and if you need any more. I found it to be an extremely velvety texture that instantly made my skin feel smooth and ready for your foundation. You can even use this alone on no make up days just to smooth pores and fine lines. I love that it is slightly tinted (so you can see it) but blends out to a sheer colour that doesn't add any colour to the face. 

I love the packaging for this because it's a very simple design meaning you can get every last drop of product out. As always I love the cheeky names that Benefit come up with and this is one special product. Personally I don't use this on a daily basis just for those occasions when I want a more flawless and long lasting make up. I used up a small sample I had a while back so was extremely excited to receive this from Benefit. Have you used or tried The POREfessional Primer? 


  1. This really isn't a review of the product itself...
    More like a description.

  2. I'm sorry you feel that way, the things I've described are what I felt whilst using it such as the velvetyness and how it makes my make up last longer, I'll pop in and try to add a little more detail x

  3. I definitely want to try the oil blotting stick! I actually giving away a new full size Benefit Porefessional on twitter x