the body shop - smoky poppy lip & cheek tints

These Body Shop Smoky Poppy Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks are gorgeous! They are in that chubby crayon form we have come to know and love, and also provide a big 4g of product. I have three shades to show you that are perfect for spring summer, and one that is perfect for winter too!

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick in Poppy Pink is one of my faves for (as you know) I adore hot pink lips, or pink lips in general and this one is the perfect shade for the spring without it being TOO over the top. It's a really nice consistency and doesn't fade too much as you drink or eat which is always a plus for me!

As you can see it's just the right amount of sheer but still giving a good pigmentation. I also gave it a sniff (is that weird?) and it had a super fresh floral scent that makes you want to eat it!

The Lip and Cheek Stick in Red Poppy is a slightly more matte finish but still has the same creamy consistancy. It also has the same fruity smell and a long lasting finish. I love the packaging for these with the large poppy on the front and a handy twist up at the bottom.

I have saved the best till last, because this one is amazing! At first I thought it was a bit strange to have a black  lipstick for a spring line, and then I tried it...

As you can see the bullet is black and is the same creamy consistency as the other two shades, however, when you use it it adapts to the PH of your skin and lip colour to create the perfect shade for you! On me it goes to a lovely pinky purple!

Do you buy any makeup from The Body Shop? What would you recommend?

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