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Let's face it, waking up in the morning is not fun! I am absolutely not a morning person, it takes me about an hour and a half to wake up fully and I am always looking for ways to wake up more gradually rather then hitting snooze repeatedly (we've all done it!) I have had my Lumie Light for a whole month now and it has seriously revolutionised my mornings!

This is the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250* which has a lot of features to help keep your sleep cycle on track, boost your mood, energy and productivity levels. And honestly I think it has done all of this for me. The main feature is the fading light which fades down in the evening over a period of time set by you, and also fades up in the morning at a time specified by you (my alarm is set for 7.30am so the light starts to fade up at 7am) which helps your body gradually adjust to the light and wake you up slowly rather then just throwing open the curtains and being blinded. You can also choose a wake up sound of your choice from waves to white noise, personally I have bird song which fades up at 7.30am and is a much nicer sound to wake up to than the alarm on my phone which used to shock me awake. 

Another great feature is an FM radio (currently tuned to Radio1) which you can also use as a wake up alarm! There are three main buttons on the front of the Bodyclock, you use these to set up your bodyclock at the start which I admit was not as easy as I thought, I am usually tech savvy but I had to ask my mum for some help with this one. Thankfully they have a youtube video that you can watch that runs through the whole thing that makes it easier! It took me a few days to get the whole thing round my head but now I am a pro and simply turn my alarm on every night when I get into bed and then hold the PLUS button to switch on my night light which will fade over 20 minutes. 
This has honestly brightened up my mornings (pun intended) and I don't know how I managed without it before. I now feel a lot more refreshed in the morning and don't feel as rushed to wake up as my body has been waking up gradually for half and hour already. The light is very natural and not too bright or glaring which is perfect! Lumie have a large range of body clocks to choose from including an aromatherapy one that bursts an oil of your choice into the air to wake you up (um...wow) I will be using this for years to come and I love that you set the alarm each evening so you can not set it on a Friday night and have a nice lie in! I would recommend these to anyone who hates mornings as much as I do or anyone suffering with SAD or depression who finds it hard to get out of bed. It is a real happiness booster!

See the whole range here.

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