February favourites

I do make monthly favourites videos on my youtube channel, however in recent months I find it hard to find a full videos worth of products to show that I didn't show the month before, and the month before that. I am a creature of habit and when something works, I use it again an again, I don't often buy new things every single month so I feel there's not always enough 'new things' to show. So I decided to do a smaller scale favourites series on my blog featuring a few products I have been loving that month! Here's February's favourites.


This is something that has been in my make up drawer for about 2 years now and I use it on and off, this month has been on on on. I have been going bare face throughout February trying to get my face as clear as possible by my 22nd Birthday (that's on Monday!) And my face was feeling very dull and dry. I have been using about 7 drops of this on my face twice a day for a full week and have really felt the results. My face now feels much more hydrated and soft, and all those flaky spots have smoothed out and are now less visible! You can pick this up in your local Asda for a couple of pounds, oh and it smells delicious!


I have already done a full review on how much I love this product which you can see here. However, I want to stress again how brilliant it is. I would completely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Effaclar Duo because they are almost identical in price and result, the only difference I find is that this one leaves my skin more moisturised which is always a plus! 


Let's be honest, I hardly ever brush my hair, it makes it frizzy and somehow manages to make my hair look like it needs washing when it doesn't, however the tangle teezer has totally revolutionised my hair game. I use this primarily while drying my hair, and then brush through the ends of my hair daily to get rid of tangles! It's also brilliant for creating body with a gentle backcoming action and teams really well with my Batiste Dry Shampoo (I use tropical) Basically, this is a miracle hair brush that can be used in the shower too and I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried one. If you want to give a cheaper version a go first, check out your local Pound Shop or Asda who both stock a similar product for just £1.


Just to prove how much I love this I have finished my Radiant Youth tube and an now half way through my Triple Age Renewal! I would definitely repurchase this as it is a thickish cream gel that leaves my skin soft, hydrated and ready for other skincare. It works great as a base under foundations and BB creams and has a really subtle scent! The Botanics range is Boots own and is 100% natural ingredient and not tested on animals. It has two large thumbs up from me!

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