10 things you probably didnt't know about me


When I was about 5 and my sister was 7, my Grandad had a boat and we used to go to this island in the middle of Coniston Lake in the Lake District and we would have a treasure hunt. We would follow clues and then dig up an old biscuit tin full of goodies like plastic swords, eye-patches, sweeties etc. It was amazing. 


When I was in high school I used to have gerbils, first two grey, then one white and one grey. They all died in pretty gruesome ways... ones teeth grew too long (wouldn't let us trim them) and they.... went into it's brain, and ones eye's popped out of it's head due to a brain tumour (I will never forget that image) and the vet sadly had to put him down.


After dogs, my favourite animal is the shark! I have even done the SeaTreck at SeaLife Manchester where I got to get into the tank with the sharks, I would do it again any day!


I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, it went from card designer (wow...) to landscaper to interior designer to... well I had no idea! It's only the series of events that have happened to me growing up that has lead me to my passion, blog design!


I was in top set for all my subjects in high school even though I was atrocious at Maths! I had to resit my GCSE Maths and only went from a D to a C. The special subjects I chose were Graphics (which didn't involve a computer) Art and Design and BTEC Business! 


When I was in year 2, I used to pretend I was a witch all the time, I put a spell on a boy in my class and told him he was going to die in three days.... it didn't go down well!


My favourite flowers are Forget me nots and Gerberas.


I have never broken a bone and have never been to A&E! I had never been to hospital until age 15 when I went to have some physio on my back, and then again age 19 when I had my mental heath interview!


I have been to Disney Land (Paris) twice once aged 8 and then again age 17! The first time I went, I hated every ride, and pretty much refused to go on everything, by age 17 I loved all the rides and even went on the Tower of Terror 4 times on my own (my mum and sister don't like drop rides!) Tower of Terror is my favourite ride at Disney Land! I also LOVE Alton Towers which is the closest theme park to me and try to go at least twice year!


I currently have 6 piercings and no tattoos, but I am planning on getting more soon. I would like to get my tragus pierced, a second helix piercing and a tattoo which isn't fully planned yet, so that may be a while in the future!

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