soap and glory righteous butter

I picked up this Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Christmas Bauble in the Boots sale for £5 and have been pleasantly surprised by how good it is! I have quite a few piece of the S&G skincare, but have never purchased any of their body products before from their main range. It's actually a very big pot and I can imagine it will be lasting me a very long time as I quite often forget to use body butter etc as I'm usually in a rush to get into bed.

The Righteous Butter claims to be for 'very dry skin' which is definitely my area, especially elbows and knees and this has totally reinvented my skin. It's a lot less dry and itchy (anyone else get itchy elbows? It's hell!) and I have placed it on my drawers so I remember to use it before I put my PJS on! 

Considering I have used this 7 times already, you can see just how long it's going to take me to use it and I also have another (larger) pot that I got for Christmas! So I imagine I will be using this into 2016. 

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