House Of Fraser bra review

We all know I'm a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to clothes! I usually buy my clothes and bras in the sales! Lingerie wise, I am a bit lazy and usually don't venture further than Matalan or Primark! But when HOF contacted me and asked if I would live to review a bra I was delighted, and pleasantly surprised! When I think HOF I think EXPENSIVE, but they actually had a whole range of bras under £30! I picked this gorgeous bra from Marie Meili which is a brand I hadn't heard of before. This bra is now just £10 in the sale, check it out here!

I'm not used to the 3 clasps but it was actually a lot less fiddly then I expected haha. I love the pattern and design of this bra! A pretty bra can seriously cheer you up when you have to get up and dressed early!  

This bra isn't the comfiest bra I own, but its much comfier then I expected when I first looked at it, the underwire is really sturdy (no poking into you at the side either!) and it's a balcony meaning no accidental nip slip! If you are looking for a new bra or something a little luxurious, I would really recommend House of Fraser, click here to check out their lingerie section. 

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