#SheWearsKipling sent me these two bags to take a look at and I am so happy with them. Firstly I was surprised at the quality and how sturdy these bags are, I love the little details on the bags such as the badge (reminds me of converse) and the little monkeys hanging off the bags! 

£74 | BUY HERE
The first bag I have here is a Zebra print canvas bag with lining and plenty of pockets, my sister has claimed this to use for uni as it's sturdy and easy to clean! This is the type of bag I would use when going on a trip such as Alton Towers as its waterproof, and spacious.  

£65 | BUY HERE

The second bag I have here is a small shoulder bag perfect for just nipping to the shops or if you're going somewhere you don't need to take much with you, it has a few pockets, so room for a purse, phone and keys! I can see my Mum using this at the weekend. These bags aren't really my kind of style but there are many bags on Kipling that I do love! Check out Kipling Bags here for more info! 


  1. these bags are really nice, i especially love the brown one. I'd never actually heard of this brand before :) x


  2. cute bag! this is terno with My polka jacket :)