botanics | super serum

Botanics super serum* comes in two types, radiant youth (with protective ginkgo) and age renewal (with smoothing orchid) Obviously being 21 I am leaning more towards the radiant youth which I have been using every morning mixed with my Soap & Glory moisturiser. I have however still been using the age renewal serum at night around my eyes as I do have quite 'creasy' eyes! 

Both have a really nice gel // lotion texture that sinks into the skin. I use about two full pumps to cover my face and it smooths on easily, it also smells really fresh and sweet! These retail at £6.99 (radiant youth)  & £7.99 (age renewal) both on offer now! I would recommend these to anyone who likes a slightly thicker lotion and something that will serve to the age of your skin as well as keep it hydrated!

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