The Magnitone Lucid has been one of the best things about my July. I love reviewing skincare and all things that claim to help with acne, scarring and overall skin appearance. The Magnitone Lucid is the new fashion series. It comes in four colours, aqua, hot pink, yellow and cobalt blue. It has two speeds and a self timer that turns off after 1 minute. It claims clearer skin after just seven days. So I took the challenge to see if it was true!

The head is detachable so you can replace it, and also waterproof so that you can use this in the bath or shower for ultimate convenience. It comes with a cap to keep it clean between uses and also for travel. It even has a wireless travel charger which means you can just charge up the magnetic pebble before hand and then take the small magnet with you!

You can see all the claims it has, you simply use this in conjunction with your favourite face wash or cleanser to make it work better and really penetrate your skin and pores.

Here you can see the amazing wireless travel charger, it simply clicks onto your lucid and charges it!


As you can see, I was having a bit of a spotty month!

After day 3 I felt a real difference to my skin texture, pore size and redness of my spots! 

After day 7 I saw a considerable diffence to my acne and the surface of my skin, it felt soft between washes, and make up applied smoother and easier. Pores seem reduced in size and I felt a lot happier to not wear make up through most of July! I have also been using it on my shoulders, and can report it even helps bacne (yep!) 

I am really really pleased with the results of the Magnitone Lucid (also available in Pulsar range) I have been using it for three weeks now (every single day, morning and night!) It has continued to improve my skin, in both spots, scarring and texture! I would really recommend this to anyone considering a facial brush . The magnitone is only £69.99 so it's not OVERLY pricey, definitely worth the money!!

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