5 Things to Do with Your Leftover Print

Are you an avid collector and keeper of bits and bobs? If you’re sitting with beautiful scraps of unused fabric, the team at Betty & Walter have some great DIY ideas for you that require minimal technical savvy. Keep busy this summer with these fun projects:

A-Frame Tent

Make the most of the current warm weather and make your very own A-frame tent. Perfect for taking a snooze in your garden, these tents look pretty and provide enough shade to protect you from the afternoon sun. If you’re a little nervous about trying this out without instruction, here’s a guide: tent making.

Customized Shoes

Stand out from the crowd and decorate your plain pumps with unused printed fabric. Remember to bear in mind that neutral colours work best with most outfits. Sometimes clashing patterns work - just be mindful of what colours and patterns you have in your wardrobe. This idea is also a great idea for kids. All you really need is a pair of scissors, some fabric & super glue.

Woven Necklace

This is a very simple idea that requires no sewing at all. Simply cut your pieces of printed fabric in long strips and weave them into multi coloured necklaces. If you’re not a necklace kind of gal, this idea works well for bracelets too.

Quilted Blanket

Inject a little vintage flavour to your soft furnishings with a hand-made quilt. Although this type of blanket can take a lot of time to make, in the end you’ll be glad if you use a lot of small pieces of fabric instead of large pieces. There are a range of patterns for quilted blankets, from zig zags to squares, so you can really let your creativity run wild! Here’s a nifty guide to quilt making: ‘How to Sew a Quilt’.

Vintage Bikini

This idea is one of our favourites at Betty & Walter. You might have seen one of these on Andrea Ursula in 1960 films. Now the design has become popular again with the current surge of the vintage fashion trend. Here is a pattern for sewing your own gathered bikini top and high-waisted bottoms to match.

Betty & Walter is the brainchild of Lisa Levis (previously Stickley), a British textile designer, who created the brand in 2011. Inspired by her loving aunt Betty and uncle Walter, Betty & Walter designs reflect practicality, value and quality, with a fresh take on modern print. The Betty & Walter collection includes an array of products ranging from bags and purses to kitchen accessories.

*this is a guest post written by Betty & Walter.

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