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such classy packaging

This beauty is a £5.11 (with free shipping) version of the Naked 2 palette! Fakes or 'purposeful copies' are a bit of a grey area in the blogging world so it's personal opinion as to weather you would purchase this, but if you are looking for a total bargain with the same benefits then this is the palette for you! 

As you can see, this version has the same shades and names as the Naked 2 palette and the packaging even comes with a double ended eye-shadow brush to apply them with. The packaging has a clasp to keep it closed, and a large mirror which is perfect for travel! I really like the lid as it stays open on it's own without falling backwards so you can use the mirror without holding it!

The shadows are incredibly velvety and not at all chalky! In fact I prefer this formula over my Naked 1 palette which I found was quite hard to get onto a brush! The metallic shades have incredible pigment and lasting power on the lids, I am currently wearing Suspect and YDK on my lids!

The more matte shades are a little less pigmented but easy to build up. 
big thanks to mother for lending me her arm to swatch these!

As you can see, even without primer, these shadows are really well pigmented, creamy and long lasting (mum had to scrub her arm to get these off!) Over all I'm incredibly happy with this palette and the only thing I can say against this is that it smells a little of those acrylic nail shops, you know when they use strong chemicals, but I think that is the glue used to stick the mirror on! Other then that, I am more then pleased with this £5.11 palette and I would totally recommend it to anyone unwilling to pay £37 for an eye shadow palette! To purchase one of your own, CLICK HERE

Check out Tmart's version of the Naked 3 palette here and the Naked Basics Palette here


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