As you know, I dye the ends of my hair neon pink, and so the ends of my hair gets dry and dull quickly. When I saw this Garnier product that was specifically for helping colour to last longer AND to replace oils I had to snap it up. It has Grape Seed Oil & Acai Berry extract (which is in a lot of skincare that I use) and I know is super natural and healthy for hair and skin! 

Now I was a tad confused with the instructions, I assumed this was a conditioner however it tells you to apply it how you would when using a hair oil, which I would apply to either damp or dry hair after washing! It also claims to detangle hair but I found that using this on my damp hair only created a sticky, tanlgley mess! The product itself comes out as a conditioner would and is quick thick, but once my hair was dry it still felt slightly tacky as if it hadn't dried properly! I'm not totally sold on this, but my hair is currently in a state of flux inbetween needing to be redyed, so maybe once I have my pink back I will give it another go (I might wash it off instead of leaving it on my hair) and see if it effects the longevity of my hair colour! If you want to give this product a go you can buy it here.

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  1. That's pretty disappointing! The Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer is one of the only products that I've tried which actually does seem to restore my hair to it's condition before I bleached it last summer. It's a bit pricey but it lasts forever, maybe give that a go :)

    Sam xo