swimwear love list

Hey hey! It's officially getting warmer, we've had temps of 22 degrees for the past 4 days heaven and so I thought it was time to bust (swimsuit humour?) out the swimwear wishlist (or love list as I really don't need to be buying more!) I decided to keep it in the lower price range otherwise it would just be a list of floozie by French frost bikinis from debenhams..  

One - Peacocks £12.60
Two - Peacocks | Top £8 | Bottom £5 |
Three - Tesco | Top £14 | Bottom £10 |
Four - Tesco | Top £10 | Bottoms £8
Five - Tesco | Top £8 | Bottoms £5 | (I have this)
Six - George | Top £8 | Bottom £5
Seven - George | Top £6 | Bottom £4 |
Eight - Very £22 (I have this)

Do you perfer wearing bikinis or swimsuits? I usually take one of each on holiday in case I don't feel comfortable getting my tummy out.


  1. I'm a tankini kind of girl! I occasionally wear bikini's, but that's a very rare occurrence. I do absolutely love number two so maybe it'll change my mind!

    sammy xx

    1. I used to have this reversible tankini (back when I fit in a size 8 haha) and I adored it, not got round to repurchasing one yet! x

  2. I'm a bikini girl, but I do like the odd swimsuit and the last one you have posted is gorgeous! Love that these are all afordable as well :)

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

  3. This post makes me feel all holiday! Some gorgeous picks. I'm loving the high waisted look, so number 6 is probably my fave.
    I also like the gingham :)
    Love Kate xx

  4. I love bikinis, 3 and 4 are my favourite can't believe they are from Tesco!