Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Collection

I am a sucker for anything vintage inspired, and Heathcote & Ivory get me every time! You may of seen me rave about a few of their other products before (hand creams and candles!) And this set is no exception. This is the Vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate Handbag Beauty Set *which consists of Hand Cream, Lip Balm & a Nail File. It retails for £9.
I love the hand creams that H&I make because they always have Shea Butter in which is fabulous for dry skin! And it smells delicious! I'm not a massive fan of lip balms that are in tins as I don't have particularly long nails but I always find it a bit fiddly to get some out without nail marks and it's a little less hygienic then a stick balm. However it's a great little tin to throw in your bag and be able to feel for. I'm always loosing my nail files, so the more the merrier in my life! This is a foam center file so not as stable as some, but it's quite a good file (not rubbish sandpaper!) H&I do this set in many different scents that you can check out here, I'm a fan!

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  1. cute stuff! I am such a sucker for everything vintage too <3