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Heathcote & Ivory have a new range specifically for the green thumbed, hand creams to hand wash to milled soap. They are Lightly scented with red tomatoes and red currants combined with the freshness of basil and mint on a base of cedarwood and earthy musk to deliver English green-fingered gardening to clean fingertips. I love the packaging, the newspaper print and nature illustrations. They seem almost handmade. The hand wash has tiny beads in to exfoliate your hands after a day of planting pretty flowers. It's also great for any budding DIYers that are using paint or oil. 

I've mentioned before my love for Heathcote & Ivory hand creams because of the lovely Shea Butter. It has a slightly odd of tomato stems which isn't extremely appealing but doesn't linger and really softens your hands. My dad does a lot of DIY, gardening and hands on work so I passed both of these onto him as a little present. Check out the gardener range here.

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