sharks and puppies

Hello you lovely lot, sorry for being MIA, I've been snowed down with blog design orders and looking after the small hairy one (but more about him in a moment.) I have quite a few products I want to review, but I've lost my camera charger and my battery is dead, you know it's really lost because even my mum's tried looking for it! So i'm currently waiting for a new one to be delivered. I thought I'd take a moment to update you all on some goings on in my life recently. 

First of all, I am now 21! It was my birthday on the 2nd March and you can see what I got for my birthday HERE. I had a small house party with a few friends over and my sister making cocktails, we ordered in and just had a good natter and catch up, then on my actual Birthday my family and my best friend josh headed off to Frankies and Bennys for a yummy meal! Did you know if you sign up for free to their birthday club online,the birthday girl (or boy) gets their main meal free! I personally don't feel any older but I am officially an ADULT.
This leads me onto my second update, if you follow me.. well anywhere that isn't this blog, you will already know this but I am now a dog owner! For my 21st Birthday my mum (and the rest of my mums side of the family) bought me an 8 week old Puggle Puppy. A Puggle is a mix breed, a Pug father and a Beagle mother. I have named him Puka after the dog in the Disney film Anastasia. If you love all things puppies or just want to know more about how I got him etc, then click HERE to see a video dedicated to him!
Thirdly and just as amazingly my dads main present to me this year was the opportunity to swim (well walk) with sharks. On Friday the 7th March my sister and I headed to SeaTrek at the Trafford Center with my dad, donned a wet suit (and crocks!) popped on a space type helmet pumping 3 times the amount of oxygen we would need and headed down a ladder into the main tank in the aquarium (the one with the tunnel running through it and the large viewing window) I was extremely nervous that morning and on the drive there to the point I thought I might be sick, but the moment we stepped into the entrance of the aquarium I was just excited! I did have a little moment at the top of the ladder thinking, holy crap! But it was an amazing experience! The tank had a LOT of fish in, rays, three types of shark and Ernie the big turtle. Because my sister and I went on a Friday there weren't a lot of people there and so there was only the two of us on the Trek, this was great because it meant we got to go around the tank twice rather then just the one time it would have been if there were a large group of us, it also meant we had one diver each to look after us. I would 100% go back and do it again! If you want to know more about the SeaTrek, click HERE to see an in depth video from SeaLife showing what you do, and what you need etc.
It was an amazing day and I am so glad I went through with it! Now I realised the other day that i have now checked off THREE of the seven items that are on my bucket list : see post here. Amazing! So that's my three updates and what I've been up to! I'm wanting to start a pets corner on my blog with reviews of pet products etc, so let me know if there's anything good for puppies out there that I need to try out!

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