Maybelline Sensational Popsticks | review

Today I'm going to be reviewing and swatching two of the Maybelline Colour Sensational Popstick Lipsticks, These are great little summer additions to throw in your beach bag or take into town with you.

The first thing you notice about these lipsticks is the eye catching neon packaging, it's a pink case with an orange tint and then a mirror surface on the lid which shouts out summer and is one of the reasons I picked these up! 

The first shade i bought was 030 Pink Lollipop when I noticed it on Xtras for a couple of quid. I didn't know much about them and didn't look up any swatches but was sold on the packaging and price (guilty face) I then got sent the shade 060 Citrus Slice by Tesco as part of their spring press release and I love a good orange lippy so was happy to receive this shade in particular.

I was shocked to see that Pink Lollipop had shimmer particles in as I had no idea, and I was also surprised by how clear the lipstick was, it's more like a solid Vaseline then a creamy lipstick, but none the less I thought, okay so this will be great for summer and it might give a nice sheer tint. 

As you can see it has a nice pink base, with iridescent blue shimmer inside, I'm not a huge fan of shimmery or glittery lip products as I think it's a but too young for me and tends to make my lips flake throughout the day. There's no denying its a very pretty lipstick though!

This is Citrus Slice and is basically a translucent orange shade. It's really smooth on the lips but doesn't give much colour payoff. Another thing to mention is the scent, Pink Lollipop has a faint fruity scent much like a sweetie whereas Citrus Slice has a mouth watering cherry scent that is much more noticeable! 

Can you see the? They are incredibly sheer! To the point of invisible. This disappointed me because my lips are naturally quite pigmented and so these add basically nothing to my lips and just look like lip balm, the Pink Lollipop just smears glitter all over my lips which isn't a look I like so I would say these would only be suited to someone with lighter lip pigmentation (pale pink tones) I have been wearing Citrus Slice over the top of ore matte lipsticks to give a bit of gloss and so I can smell that gorgeous cherry scent, but haven't found a use for Pink Lollipop. Overall, I wouldn't say rush out and buy these little guys, but if you see any on offer, I wouldn't say no. They do a darker red shade which I'm tempted to try though it's probably just as sheer. Last of all, thank you to Mum for being my swatch model! If you're tempted, you can pick these up for £1.99 on Fragrance Direct!

Have you used these Popsticks before? What do you think?

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  1. The packaging is very colorful and it draws you in, but for me these are unfortunately far too sheer, but it's a good price :o) Xx

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