help me choose a birthday outfit

For some reason whenever it's my birthday I feel obligated to have a 'new' outfit to wear for whatever I choose to do, weather it be a meal with my family, or a party with my friends. This year I am turning 21 and I have NO idea what to do to celebrate (ideas welcome.. no clubs) But what I do know, is that I want to look nice.. haha. Help me decide what I should wear! I'm most likely going to be doing something with my friends on Saturday and a meal with my family on my birthday (Sunday the 2nd) Two things to keep in mind.. I will be re-dying my bright pink tips soon, and also I want to wear my leather jacket with said outfit, so let me know what you think would look good!

ONE = This dress I found on ASOS but is River Island. It's pale blue (not off white) and I love the polka dots, it reminds me of the Topshop make up packaging! I'd probably wear this with my leather jacket, a statement colourful necklace and primark heeled boots, or new heels?

TWO + THEE + FOUR = I thought this combo would be nice if I don't want to wear a dress, I have had my eye on the skull kimono for a while now, but I'm not sure how to style it, so I thought a pair of thick flocked 'Treggings' from Topshop and a embellished vest top to keep it simple?

FOUR + FIVE = Again, I thought maybe style the kimono with a dress (not sure if they go?) But the dress alone is gorgeous and is from Dorothy Perkins.

SIX = This is a lovely dress from Oasis that comes with a belt and I think would look nice with my newly pink hair.

SEVEN = This is a lovely stretchy flocked skater dress from Dorothy Perkins (really affordable) and would be great for the food baby I'm sure to acquire.

What do you think? What would you choose?


  1. You have a really great clothes taste !! :)) I love 5,6 and 7 dresses :)


  2. Number 7 defo! It's gorge! xoxo