primark does it again

It's well known that Primark hauls are well loved! I like to both watch and film my own as Primark is one of my favorite places to shop, it's affordable and some pieces are really stunning. Yesterday whist doing my daily YouTube browse I saw that KateHeartsIt had uploaded a new Primark haul and settled in to watch. When she got to the final item I instantly thought I NEED THOSE! And so tonight when we nipped out to get a few things I ran in, rushed straight to the shoe section and picked myself up a pair of these bad-boys. 

I have never been a lover of heels, I much prefer the comfort of flats, but I love boots! And these are just gorgeous. I love the buckle detail that is actually usable and the fact it has a zip. The quality is top notch and the heel isn't too high for an all day shoe. The only down side to these shoes and something that Kate mentioned in her video, is that they're wide fit. And I have pretty narrow feet. She said she sized down so I tried on a five, which felt okay but when I did the shuffle walk (you know when the shoes are tied together!) I knew that if I wore these all day then my toes would die! So I kept to the size six and decided to just buy some insoles in the hope to make them fit a little better. I also bought some of the gel inserts and I haven't taken them off since I got home. I'm wearing them now, whilst sat on the sofa! I have a funeral to go to on Thursday and have decided to wear these with the rest of my outfit. At £18 they're pretty much a steal!

What do you think of these heeled boots? Would should I wear them with?



  1. Nice shoeboots - it's always well worth browsing Primark, I almost always find something to take home :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. These are gorgeous!! i'd of never guessed they where from primark I love a good pair of boots x

    Nicola @ www.cosmeticsmile-x.com xx