lip crayons

Lip Crayons, Melts, Butters, Stains, have hit it big this year and I think they will continue to be loved throughout next year too, at least by me! While the majority of the shades I own are more summery I do have a few deep reds that I will be rocking this autumn / winter! I have got quite a collection of lip crayons now and thought I would share my favourites with you.
ONE* - Raspberry Sorbet by Barbara Daly (tesco) It gives a nice subtle tint to the lips as my lips are already quite pink, it's a nice everyday shade. It's very moisturising and smells really fruity. 
TWO* - Also by Barbara Daly, Pink Fudge is a brown nude with slight shimmer that is a really nice shade for those days when you don't want to add colour to your lips, but still want to wear a little something.
THREE* - This is my final Barbara Daly lip crayon in Pure Plum which is perfect for this coming winter and I think I will be wearing it a lot. The only thing about these lip crayons, is that they aren't also stains, if you eat or drink they will rub off and not leave colour behind, which is both good and bad, depending on if you want a stain that day. I love this deep berry colour! 
FOUR - This is the first lip crayon I bought, and it is the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Lovestruck, the main reason I bought this is that it was the shade Emma Stone was wearing in the advert, and I love Emma Stone. I also have a complete love affair with hot / bright pink lip products! It is a simply amazing product, that is silky, moisturising, and stains the lips so that you don't have to keep re applying throughout the day. It smells of mint and is honestly my Go To lip product most days. I really want to collect the other colours.
FIVE - The final lip crayon I have to show you is this one from ELF in shade Pink Umbrellas and I like it because it seems the most matte of them all, it's a real sheer pink shade that looks lovely with a smokey eye. 
Do you use Lip Crayons? What's your favourite brand and shade? Will you continue to wear them this winter?

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  1. No idea Barbara Daly did lip crayons! Must stay away from Tescos now to avoid buying them haha! xx

    1. They are really nice! Theres a lovely red one that I want to get next! x