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First of all, hi, hello, bonjour! I am back from my week in Aberdeen. I flew over on Sunday the 11th August with my cousin Olivia and met up with my mum and Ian at the airport where we squeezed into an already full car and drove over to the cottage we were staying in. We visited a lot of castles as my mum is a member of the national trust for scotland and so we got our fill of the awesome castles and halls in the area.
On the Monday we visited Craigievar Castle otherwise known as the Fairytale Castle because of the turrets and the pink colour of the building. I really liked this castle because it was so pretty inside and out. There were some really interesting stories about the Castle including one about a man who died in his bedroom and they couldn't get his coffin down the spiral staircase so had to put it out of the window! From here we drove around trying to find a nice cafe for lunch and ended up in a very retro designed little store that had a cafe and lovely gift shop. I do love me a gift shop! Anyway, I had my staple tuna and cheese panini and after a look around the village and a trip to the local Co Op for food, and a quick visit to a near by stone circle we went back to our cottage. 
On Tuesday we went on a long forest walk that went up through the woods, and out into the hills that were covered in purple heather! We climbed up to the top of one of the hills and had our packed lunch (I was so tired by then as we'd been walking for about two hours up hill and I am not exactly in a fit condition haha) then we started our descend back down, which I must say was much much easier. After a lovely rest in the car we drove over to Huntley Castle where due to a stock check taking place in the ticket shop we got into for free. It's more of a ruins then a castle with rooms, but was interesting anyway and was worth a visit.
Wednesday we visited Crathes Castle where Olivia and I took part in the 'childs' game Find The Knight where we had to find a knight in particular rooms and unscramble the letters to make a word. (I got a certificate, woo.)
On the Thursday we went into the centre of Aberdeen and looked around the Art Gallery that had some really interesting modern pieces in. Olivia and I went off the look around while my mum and Ian went to look around a museum. We found some really lovely stores one in particular called Juniper where I found an adorable fox gadget sleeve by Sass and Belle that Olivia bought me as a late birthday present. We then found this awesome coffee shop called Books and Beans that did the most yummy paninis and soups! I also managed to pick up three of the Maybelline Baby Lips that they had in the boots there, Hydrate, Cherry Me and Pink Punch (all three of which I absolutely love and will be getting more of!) For tea we went out to a restaurant called Via Roma and had a really nice meal and we headed back to the cottage.
Friday I was particularly excited to see was Leith Hall because I'd seen it on Most Haunted once and wanted to visit it in person. We didn't know this but it had actually only just re opened this July after being closed to the public for five years with the idea of turning it into flats! So we were very lucky to get a visit in. Unfortunately some of the hall has been converted into two apartments and the rest wasn't very big, but I enjoyed the visit non the less. I didn't see any ghosts though, and our guide didn't even mention any hauntings! But I did get to see the hanging tree that was mentioned on the show. We still had half the day left so went to visit Fyvie Castle where a wedding was taking place (and the bride had a beautiful dress) this meant that we had to take an alternative route around the castle so as not to crash the wedding and we may of got lost a little bit on our way out!
We headed home on Saturday. setting off at 10am and not getting home until half 9! We did stop off at Dunnattar Castle in StoneHaven which was very, very wet and windy!! The rest of the day was spent nodding off in the back of the car and eating sweets!

Little bit of exciting news: Just before I went away on holiday I got an email letting me know I had won the latest competition ran by Blogging Edge! I won an iPad mini (pause for yet another excited squeal) and that's why I got the Fox Gadget Sleeve from my cousin, it's the perfect size for an iPad mini with a case on! I want him (yea, it's a dude) to be extra safe as I'm a bit clumsy with technology and dropping things on the floor... or in cups of tea! If you want to see the blog post I wrote that won me the iPad mini, check it out here.

I feel I've been away from my YouTube channel for a while now, and I'm just getting quite unhappy with how things are going with that channel. I've had quite a few problems since I signed with Collective LA (not necessarily their fault, but it's getting me down) and I've also just felt very lacking in motivation to film anything. I really want to get back into the swing of it but need some ideas as to what to film. I have a makeup tutorial, nail tutorial and haul coming up but would love some feedback or ideas on how to get motivated and what to film!! That's all for now, hope you've had a great weekend!

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