stila countless colour pigments

It's not often that I see a beauty product online and think I really need those, yes, as a blogger and youtuber I do buy a fair amount of makeup but not really on a regular basis or because I've read about it, I'm more of a walk into boots and think that looks pretty so I'll buy it girl. The last time it happened was the naked basics palette, so when I saw these Stila countless Colour Pigments, I was like it is time! Without saying anything more, here they are:
Um..? wow?! These badboys only seem to be available on the American Stila website, but no doubt are on there way over to the UK! There are a few shades already for sale on SpaceNK. They are part of the festival collection coming soon, and oh my I love them! They will be £14 each (not too bad?) but obviously to buy all 10 that's £140 bloody hell. I do want them all though.. My favourites are Centre Stage, Melody, Tie Dye and Lyric. Can't wait to get my hands on a few of these!
What do you think of these countless colour pigments? Which are your favourite?

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