battle of the tans

Let's start off seriously, I'm a pale girl. I wear the palest option of any make up item, I don't tan I burn and sometimes I just want to be tan. You know? So occasionally I will use the odd fake tan product. I would never use a tanning bed, I don't understand why people don't just get a spray tan, at least that wont kill you! Anyway, I have tried quite a few fake tan products in my time and in the past couple weeks I have tried out two that I thought I would share my opinions on. Now I don't have any photos of me wearing the tan because I'm a bit uncomfortable just taking a photo of my legs or whatever, but coming from a very pale, hard to tan girl, you can take my word for it! Also while in Spain I will be wearing one of these so you will see photos then! So I will show you each product and then tell you which I recommend.
Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan, Long lasting Tan Mousse in Medium*  When the lovely Sam was discussing shades with me she asked weather I find it hard to tan, and I have found in the past that tanning products work everywhere except on my calves and obviously being so pale, I always bought the lightest shade of tan. She recommended that I try the medium as it will still adjust to my skin tone (no insane skin shades) but should work better for me and that's what I found. I used the Rituals Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom Sakura Scrub* which is a very gritty scrub to exfoliate my arms, legs and chest and then applied the Vita Liberata kin Plumping Peptide Mist*
"This ultra-fine mist will balance and nourish the skin with a super charged complex of peptides, moisture magnets and skin enhancing botanical extracts. Can be used prior to tanning for a flawless result" Because it recommended using it before tanning, and I thought I might as well give it a go! It is a really fine mist and smells so yummy! I let it dry for a bit and then used my Vita Liberata tanning mitt and the tanning mousse to start on my legs. It has a guide colour which I find really helpful and didn't smell of anything in particular which is great. I read somewhere that you should always start at your legs and work up when tanning to avoid creases on bending down so that's what I do. It was really easy to blend and I could see a nice colour starting already. I applied it just before bed and it dried in a reasonable time for me to put my pjs on without staining. It also didn't stain my bed sheets which is a tanning pet peeve of mine. I didn't notice any 'tan' smell at all throughout the night and in the morning took a shower and then reapplied (it said I should on the bottle) after that I was really pleased with the results. My legs were tan! My arms were tan! I was tan! And not orange, or weird looking or streaky! I can't say that for me personally this would last 2-3 weeks, as when I showered I noticed the tan ran off a bit (like a semi permanent hair dye) but still left colour behind so for me lasted about a week, but I'm more then happy with that! I would give the Vita Liberata Tan Mousse in Medium a 8.5 out of 10!!
Tanatomicals because only bacon should be streaky natural look tanning cream.* I have not used this exact product yet, but had a look and it is a white thick cream / lotion which doesn't have a guide colour so not too sure how I will get on with it. It does however smell very exotic and tropical! And how can I not mention the awesome name!
Tanatomicals - the holy grail for the deathly pale instant + self tan mouse* Because of the comical (but amazing) and really affordable prices of the tanatomicals products I was expecting.. a bit of a shit product. That's not like me usually, and this packaging is right up my street but the exotic tropical scent of the product is identical to the one that I had from primark (yes, primark) a few years back that I absolutely loved (the smell, not the product) and so didn't know quite what to expect when applying. I am currently wearing the holy grail tanning mousse, which I applied last night. Again I used the sugar scrub to exfoliate, shaved and applied the Vita Liberata plumping mist. I then grabbed my mitt and shook the mousse. DO NOT shake this product without the lid on.. I got a bit of a tan exploitation in the bathroom (thankfully didn't stain anything!) It was also quite a lot of a runnier mousse then the Vita Liberata but the colour was intently darker, and wasn't just a guide colour because as the bottle suggests, is instant as well as a build up. My legs were instantly coffee, and I had to blend quickly because although thankfully this is a mega fast drying product, it means that you have to blend mega fast too! It has a really lovely smell at first, but when I got in bed the exotic fragrance wore off and that tan smell came through rather strong. I know people hate that smell but it doesn't usually bother me too much, this time it was a little too much! I woke up brown with a subtle hint of orange, although that could be me comparing it to the Vita Liberata. So yep, it works! I am definitely a tan colour, but maybe not as natural as the Vita. I would give the Tanatomicals - the holy grail for the deathly pale instant  a 6 out of 10.
I actually like both of these tan products, but because of the smell and severity of the tan colour change with the tanatomicals (though most people would love that) my favourite product I definatly the Vita Liberata Tan Mousse in Medium, it is a bit more pricey then the tanatomicals but I think tanning is one of those things that you just don't want to go wrong! And even though I love me a bargain and St Moritz is pretty good, this is probably one of those you get what you pay for moments. Tonight I will be showering off the top layer of the tanatomicals (which I can still smell on me now) and it will be interesting to see how much is left, and then will re apply the Vita. Can't wait to wear this in Spain and look nice and tan ;)
Have you tried either of these brands? Do you fake tan? What do you normally use?

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  1. I am so happy to see a fake tan review from a pale girl! I'm also pale and find it hard to tan naturally, I basically just go red then back to pasty white :( I've looked into fake tans so many times but never find reviews from pale girls so I'm always reluctant to try due to the cost of it!
    I'd definitely give the Vita Liberata mousse a go!


    1. Thankyou! :) Its so unfair that I don't tan because my sister does :p so I love these!! x