Bunting Love

You all know I love me some shabby chic home ware and together with my dressing table and french style bed it was time to get some bunting to adorn my room with. I currently have some floral bunting around my bookcase that I got from The Range and now I have some spotty bunting to add to my collection. Dotcomgiftshop sent me this adorable polka dot bunting that's 8 meters long (15 flags) in four colours, Pink, Green, Blue, Red. You can pick it up here for £12.95.

Can you see my little owl candle holder in the reflection ^_^
Yes, I did move my heavy dressing table to the other side of my room for these photographs haha. I didn't want to photograph out into my street, but I actually really like it here. The colours really go with my room and my floral wallpaper. It promotes itself as party bunting and I love the idea of a cute tea party with bunting everywhere and teacups. And may I mention that they have a whole polka dot range that matches the bunting, you can see that here. (Can you just image what my wedding will be like, there will defiantly be bunting and teacups!)  But it looks just as cute in your bedroom. I'd love to hang it around my bed but with my floral wallpaper it gets too busy, so I think it's best in my 'book' corner. Oh also because they're fabric you can pop them in the washing machine at 30 and even iron them. When I get my wardrobe I think I'm going to drape it over it. Dotcomgiftshop do a ton of different bunting designs in paper and fabric, I really like the English Rose Party Bunting.
These would look great on paler walls or around white metal beds, maybe intertwine it with some fairy lights! You can find great bedroom inspiration on websites like Tumblr and Pinterest and then shop for it on Dotcomgiftshop, they have some fantastic vintage and shabby chic style items for bedrooms and living rooms. And when the day comes that  own my own house you can just bet I'll be decking it out with dotcom items!
Do you own any bunting? What kind of bedroom style do you like?

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  1. This bunting is so cute and gives a lovely splash of summer to your room! I'm in the process of making some Cath Kidston inspired bunting and my mum made some gorgeous christmas bunting for our living room last year, I didn't want to take it down!


    Tamsyn Elizabeth

    1. Cath Kidston anything is always a winner with me :D I'd love to see it when you're finished :D x

  2. Ooohh I could do with some of the English Rose bunting, that would suit my bedroom so well! x