Oat biscuits ft T G Green

Prepare yourself for a photo filled post! Today I made oat flats (which really aren't as boring as they sound I promise!) And instead of filming I decided to document it in photos.. mostly because I didn't want to be on camera today. It's Sunday! So get ready and definitely give these a go, they're simply delicious! Start by preheating the oven to 160 degrees.   
We usually make double quantities when making these biscuits so I actually doubled all this!

8oz of self raising flour

5oz of oats.

6oz of sugar.

4oz of lard and 4oz of margarine.

1 tablespoon of baking powder, two tablespoons of Golden Syrup, one capfull of vanilla essence and three tablespoons of boiling water.

Step one: Put the lard, marg, boiling water, vanilla essence and golden syrup on a low heat on the hob and heat until all melted.

Meanwhile add all your dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Once melted add the liquid into the dry mix and stir in.

If you find it to be a bit too wet, add another handful of oats or some flour.

You may need to use two trays or bake in too batches as these will spread out when they cook and will need more room. I reccomed you make small balls a bit smaller then a golf ball and place on a cookie sheet. Put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until they look golden.

Put them on a cooling rack! I reccomend dunking these in tea, they're so yummy, not the healthiest snack so maybe dont make a new batch every day! But a real treat.

And my gorgeous new biscuit barrel from Cornishware! We own a mixing bowl (used in this post) and a custard jug by Cornishware all from the blue stripe series. They totally fit the look of our kitchen and Cornishware sent me this really cute biscuit barrel. It's the perfect size too, we've never had a biscuit barrel or tin before and our bakes would just sit on the cooling rack until eaten (though lets be honest that doesnt take too long)  


The appearance of those familiar blue and white hoops in children’s books, adverts, fashion magazines, collectors' websites and, of course, homes all over the world demonstrate Cornishware’s status as a cast-iron British classic. Like cricket, the Wellington boot or the Mini, it’s a source of pride and even passion at home and a symbol of great Britishness abroad. Its history, however, has not been without its ups and downs.


Cornish Kitchen Ware was first produced in 1926 by T.G.Green & Co in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, a county famed for its pottery. The range’s special characteristic came from the lathe-turning process, which cut clean bands through its beautiful blue slip to show the white clay beneath. It was apparently this that inspired the name, since it reminded one T.G.Green & Co. employee of the clear blues and white-tipped waves of Cornwall.

 Shop Cornishware here!
What's your favourite biscuit to bake? Will you be trying these oat biscuits?

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  1. OMG those look soooooo yummy!! i am soooo making these this week!
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    -Jen <3

  2. just making my second batch of these as I type! Mmmm