Kirstie Allsopp and I bake a cake.

Okay, So Kirstie Allsopp didn't pop round to my house to bake a cake with me. But my mum got this adorable kit for christmas and gave me the honor of making the cake. We usually bake everything from scratch but when your given free cake mix, you use it. Right? This was so easy to make because all I had to add was eggs and milk so really it wasn't even baking but we can pretend! Here's some snaps I took along the way.
I love the white mixing bowl. It' dishwasher safe like most things these days so I could bung it in there without worrying I'd ruin it. The pouring bit on it is really handy to pour the cake mix into the cake pan too. I cut the cake in half, added the jam, sieved on a little icing sugar and hey ho a cake was born. And mighty tasty it was too!
Do you like to bake?

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