DIY - Door Bunting.

A few months ago I reviewed the Crafty Creatives box on my youtube channel (watch here) and I mentioned my intentions for the three wooden bunting pieces, well I finally got round to making it! Here's what I did.
These are the three wooden bunting pieces that came in my Crafty Creatives Box. If you have any cardboard you can just cut out three triangles and make some holes in them, it would work the same!
Next, using a mixture of PVA and water I cut up a napkin (these are from tesco) and stuck them down. I then left them on my radiator to dry. After they were dry I used the end of my paintbrush to poke in the holes.
Okay, So I forgot to take a few photos of the lead up to this, but basically I got some buttons and planned how I wanted my letter, then cut out some felt (pink with white polka dots) and super glued the buttons onto the felt. I then super glued the felt to the bunting. And that's it! I was toying with just doing the S and the O and making a heart on the middle triangle but decided to just do a J. (My name is Serena Joanne Ozgowicz) I'm really happy with how these turned out. You could do so much with these. If your making them out of card, you can make multiple triangles at a time and then string them together to decorate your room. I know bunting is traditionally fabric, but having them out of a sturdier material means that that they wont 'flap around' in your bedroom and the weight helps them to stay in place on your wall, and also no sewing.

Here is a close up of how the bunting loos on my door, The swallows have glow in the dark paint on and were originaly center stage on my door but I couldn't bear to get rid of them so I just moved them down a bit.
Will you be having a go at making your own bunting?

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  1. This is so cath kidston! Saving loads too, DIY is the future. Love it.
    Erica xo


    1. I agree, if you can make it for less it's worth it :D x

  2. Love this Serena, so pretty :). Love how you've used the buttons too!

  3. So cute and very good idea!!!Nice blog!!
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