Along Came Betty

Along came Betty is Tesco's answer to Soap and Glory, they have an amazing range of body and skincare products that I would compare to my Nspa products from Asda. The packaging is so cute and definitely something you could keep on display in your room. I haven't used too many of soap and glory's products but I know a major plus for them is the fragrance and these Along came Betty products have a wonderful scent too, it feels a kind of more grown up versio. They sent me three products to test:

I received the 'Brilliant BB Cream' in the shade medium and online this seems to be the only option however as you can see from the swatch it is rather dark. On my face its bendable and because its more like a moisturiser it blends out sheerer with my real techniques buffing brush. I love that this has an SPF in because it will be perfect to use in the summer. It has a fair coverage for a BB cream but I'd say light to medium, you would need to use a concealer (if you needed one) you get 50ml which is a great amount considering standard foundations are 30ml and it costs £5.99. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a thicker BB cream.
Next is the Glow On radiance boosting moisturiser with instant tightening (for the more mature women out there,) I used this under my foundation today and it really does give you a healthy dewy glow. I tend to use powder to matte my foundation but this made it look so healthy I didn't. Not sure if I've mentioned this but I have a little obsession with the moon, so the little slogan on the front drew me in instantly. It doesn't have an over powering smell of apricot but does smell delicious. You get a really generous 100ml for £5.99 which again I think is a super price!
So much bubble is just such a cute bottle I want to keep it in my room which would be weird since it's bubble bath... It has the a wonderful (and indescribable) scent that's citrusy but warming and just.. you need to smell it! I haven't had the chance to use it just yet but I cant wait. It says that it helps to hydrate the skin which is something I need and you get a whopping 500ml for £3.99 bargain!
They have a ton of other products I'm dying to try. The skincare really intregues me as there all natural and cheap as chips where skincare is concerned, take a look:
| 1 Pore..fect Polish 150ml £1.99 | 2 Tone Correcting Primer 50ml £2.49 |
| 3 Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml £2.99 | 4 Eye Cream 15ml £5.99 |
| 5 Night Cream 50ml £3.49 | 6 Face Wipes 25pk £2.49 |
| 7 SPF15 Day Cream 50ml £5.99 | 8 Pot of polish body scrub 300ml £5.99 |

You can really see where the inspiration for these products came from and I do adore products like this that have that vintage vibe, Sainsburys do a similar thing called the Dirty Works.
Will you try any of Along Came Betty?


  1. Never heard of these before but I really like the look of the range! Very pretty packaging, although like you say , you can really see where they got the inspiration.


    1. Yea, though I give tesco props for joining in haha x

  2. I picked up a few of their products. The moisturiser is really good and the body scrub reminds me of sugar crush from soap and glory. I also got the hot cloth cleanser but I haven't tried that yet x

    1. Let me know what you think of the hot cloth cleanser I might pick it up :) x

  3. Hello Serena! I just stumbled upon your blog and I really like it! I recently started up my own, and I was wondering if you had any tips for me? Many thanks! x