G.I Number One - Soufeel.

This is the first in my Gift Ideas series (GI for short!) where I will be telling you about gifts that I think would be perfect for Christmas, either for you to buy for someone or to ask for ;) This first idea is a charm bracelet from Soufeel.com their bracelets and charms work with other brands such as Pandora, so you can mix and match your charms. I've never had a 'branded' charm bracelet before and was delighted when Soufeel contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their bracelets. I once had a fake one from a shop in Manchester but it quickly tarnished and gems fell out of all the charms. If I'm going to own nice jewellery, i like it to BE nice, and as you know.. Silver. So when I read how high quality Soufeel were I agreed to take a look at their charms. They let me choose the type of bracelet I wanted - you can get ones like the type you would see on Pandora or you can get clasps, I personally decided on a clasp fastening as my wrists are slim and it gives me more control on how tight the bracelet is unfortunately they sent me the wrong kind but since I didn't pay for this bracelet I felt I should let it slide- and also a few charms. They also sell necklaces and earrings. These can get pretty pricey so I'd recommend maybe just buying the base piece like the bracelet and one charm and then adding a charm every birthday or Christmas to make it more special.
The bracelet comes in an adorable white box with ribbon (meaning less wrapping for you) and        the  bracelet comes nestled on a velvet topped foam square inside to keep it safe. You can keep this to store your bracelet for when your not showing it off or use it for someone elses present (sneaky)

The first charm I chose was the 'Cute Heart Love Shape Charm' which retails at £15 so a great starter charm for a sister or mother. It's silver plated and looks very delicate and pretty.

 Next I chose the 'Cute October Birthstone Juice Stone' which retails at £25. I know I wasn't born in October but I really liked the colours in this cute little juice charm (which I think looks like a ice cream sundae) Again its silver and wont tarnish and the gems are really well set in so wont fall out.
Then I chose the 'May Birthstone Round Charms' It retails at £18 and once again no I wasnt born in May but my faveourite colour is turquoise and this charm took my fancy. The gems are really embedded so dont need to worry about waving your arms around. Dont be worried about buying something that's not your birthstone as at the end of the day its just a pretty coloured stone :)
 Another 'Heart Charm' which retails at £20 because you can never have enough hearts. And I loved the detail around the edge. Its very simple and a great charm to give to the one you Lurrrve.

Next, and my personal favourite is this little birds nest with three pearl eggs inside. This is so me. It is £20 which i think is really reasonable for how cute it is... thats a reason right?

This is a really cute little charm. Its a circle with a little silver tree on and tiny coloured gems. On the top it says Love and on the bottom it says Family. It's a little more pricey at £25 but its pretty.

Lastly here a pictire of all the charms together. I think these charm bracelets are a really fun way of expressing your personality on your wrist! Mix and match with Pandora and create your own.
Would you buy a charm bracelet? Which is your favourite charm?

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