A Fearne Cotton Christmas.

As I walked past Boots the other day I said to my mum, "I can't wait for christmas because I really want the Boots 3 for 2 christmas gifts in the sale!" HA, I love the after christmas sales of the 3 for 2 gifts as I always pick up some really beautiful stuff at half the price. The past couple years, the things I always gravitate towards is the Fearne Cotton makeup. I usualy steer away from celebrity makeup as its usually cheaply made and bad for my skin. But I really love everything Fearne Cotton designs and makes. From just the design of the boxes to the actual products. Heres what I got last year in the sales:

I love these palettes and the quality is really nice! The colours are shimmy but not in a chunky glitter version.

And then today I saw these boots videos on youtube and I got (way too) excited. I now know what i'm going to keep my eye on and maybe even ask for for christmas. There are quite a few videos here, so sorry about that but just wanted you to see them all haha. The first video is an overview of all the products.

So, yep thats all the videos :) I'm really excited (yes, I'm that sad) to see these in store and also check out the rest of the little gift items instore this year.
Have you ever gotten Fearne Cotton products? What's your favourite type of gift at christmas?


  1. The eyeshadows are gorgeous!



  2. I've always seen these in Boots around Christmas but even though I really like the packaging I thought the products might not be that good quality, like you said I usually steer away from celebrity make-up too. But I think if I see any in the sale this year I might get some and see if I like them :). I like the look of the Travelling beauty kit and The Midnight Manicure Set :)