I was so excited when i found that my avon delivery had arrived!! The lipsticks are so SO cute, heart shaped lipstick?! wow. And they smell AMAZING, of a very deep vanilla! Heres a link to their website so you can order your own :D Click images to enlarge:

Top left: Damond, Top right: Sparkle Shine
Bottom left: Shooting Star Bottom Right: Moonbeam

I seriously LOVE these lipsticks :D

I got these earrings at ACSESSORIZE and they were originally £6 but in the sale they were £1.80 there a very pretty gold 3d bow, with detailing!

And then i bought this hair serumn for towel dried hair:
This smells just like coconut and i am definatly trying it out tomorrow!
To see the video i uploaded about these and see a OOTD, watch the video below:

Serena XX

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