My nail varnish :)

So ive read these blogs for a long time, and somthing ive seen people do, is show off what they own.. now, i do not own as MUCH nail varnish as i would like, in fact ive already decided how i will be spending my EMA when i get back to college. I found a set of 60 special nail varnish for £20. Nabbing that. ANYWAY, back to my nail varnish.. heres what i have so far...
So as you see, not a lot, well to some out there it wont be, but when i try and fit it all into a little zipped bag (of which the zip just fell off) well it gets quite hard. but i do love them all.. i re-do my nails so often, im suprised my nails havent fallen apart yet. i will have to keep up with the maintenence of the actual nail, as well as my love for varnish.

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