the packing process

The packinng has begun! Today has been day 1 of starting to pack up my room. I worked my way through my thorougly stuffed bookcase trying to get rid of a few (only managed to part with about 11 books) for charity and also delicately wrapping and packing my collection of ceramic skull money boxes.. all 10 of them! This seemed to take me around 4 hours which was not the most time effective but now all I have is my clothes, a few bits of furnitre to take apart and then some knick knacks. I'm 26 so as you can imagine I have accumulated rather large collection of 'stuff' throughout the years, thankfully alot of this is already in boxes under my bed and that will be a process of it's own really deciding what I need and what I want to take with me. I'm kind of glad I don't have a full house worth of stuff to pack up! 
Kenneth already lives in the house we are renting together so doesn't need to pack anything which is making me rather jealous. Just lots of shuffling around of our furnutire to make it a shared space and not just me moving into his house. I think it will be alot more fun to unpack and find the right space for all my decor pieces and some things that have been in boxes since I bought them years ago waiting for this very moment.

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