There’s nothing quite like the feel of the sun on your skin. However, that lovely sensation is also (sadly) going to cause damage, unless you take the right precautions. That’s why it’s so important to look after your skin before you venture out on a summer’s day.  
Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Here are a few handy hints.  

Why does it matter? 
Most people are familiar with the risks involved with being out in the sun. However, it’s not just the risk of developing skin cancer that should deter you. Dried-out, dehydrated skin is also more prone to wrinkles and dark spots over time, which probably aren’t the look you’re going for!  

Caring for your skin 
  • Layer it. We’re not talking about layering your clothing (especially now it’s warm). Instead, this is all about getting in the habit of layering your skincare. First, apply a moisturiser, then a UV protective gel. Next, your primer and foundation (if you need it) can go over the top. This ensures that your face is well protected from the sun. 

  • High SPF sunscreen. It’s time to ditch the factor 10 or 15 (unless you’ve got the sort of skin type that genuinely doesn’t need too much protection). Slap on the highest SPF you can tolerate – after all, you can easily fake a tan at a later date. 

  • Wear a sun sensor. Sun sensors are little gadgets that can be stuck to the skin. They measure sun exposure and let you know when it’s time to retreat to a shady spot.  

  • Don’t forget the lips. It’s so easy to forget your lips when you’re slathering on sun protection products. A simple dash of SPF lip-balm ensures that you don’t get burnt in this sensitive area. 

  • Don’t forget the hair! Yes, it’s not technically your skin, but it’s another part of the body that gets neglected in the sun. A protective serum or spray can make the world of difference, or alternatively, wear a wide-brimmed hat.  
Perfecting the summer look 
Here’s some guidance on how to shine in the sun: 
  • Skip the shimmer, go for bronzer. The shimmery look isn’t quite right for a day on the beach. Instead, lightly dust your cheekbones with bronzer.  

  • Hair serumA dab of serum can smooth down flyaway locks, giving you a sleeker, glossier look.  

  • Wear primer. Primer helps to hold your make-up in place, which is especially useful if it’s a hot day.  

  • Wear less. Summer is all about embracing natural beauty. It’s the ideal time to give your skin a breather from all that foundation, and to have a break from eyeshadow and lipstick. A dash of eyeliner and a hint of blusher might be all you need – depending on what you feel comfortable with.  

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