wedding dresses and bridesmaids!

Oh hey, I'm pretty excited about writing this post because my mum got engaged at Christmas, so finally, after 25 years of life, I get to be a bridesmaid!! We've already been to a few shops to look at dresses and it's crazy how many option are out there, and the price range! Obviously we want a balance of the best quality and the best price, so shopping online is the perfect way to get a deal. This of course brings its own issue of 'what if it doesn't fit,' this is where custom dresses come in! 
MiaLondon sells a range of dresses from wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses 2018 to evening dresses for the guests! These can all be made to order so they fit perfectly! I've scoured MiaLondon to pick some of my favourites!

These are gorgeous dresses that can be purchased to size, or for a small extra fee it can be custom made to your measurements! And don't think they only do weddings, there is also a large range of cheap prom dresses to choose from!

Personally I prefer the less blingy type of dress, maybe a bit of lace and a short cap sleeve, what type of dress do you like?
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