5 Duvet Cover Styles for Winter & Christmas

Winter is a miserable, grey time of year; that Christmas does a lot to brighten up. There is nothing like the sparkle of tinsel and Christmas lights to lift spirits depressed by the short days and cold weather. Get a touch of that Christmas joy in your bedroom by following these simple steps to create a warm and welcoming bedroom this winter. 

# 1 Go Big, Go Bold, Go Chunky! 

Your bedroom deserves a new set of winter bedding to keep you cosy through the colder months. Accessorise your lovely cosy winter bedding with throws in wonderful textures, such as chunky knits. Cable stitching always adds a certain depth and charm to any garment, and the same is true of throws and blankets. Having an extra throw on the bed is a good idea as it adds some weight and extra comfort to your bedding to stave off that icy temperature dip that strikes in the early hours of the morning, usually just before the heating kicks in. 


# 2 Go Red With Your Duvet Covers 

Red is known as the colour of danger and of warning, but it is also a hot colour, vibrant and warming. Add bedding with a splash of red in it, to instantly make your bedroom seem warmer and even more inviting. Far from warning of danger, red bedding adds the immeasurable snuggle-factor to any room. Any bed size will look amazing with deep red bedding: you can get different sizes like double duvet covers & more from Yorkshire Linen

# 3 Invest in Texture 

Splurge out on new bedding, but do not just pick bedding that looks good, make sure you consider what fabrics have been used. Warm knits, smooth silk, and crisp cotton (or even cosy brushed cotton) all feel and look very different. Think about what textures will look or feel good together and choose accordingly. It may seem like a small thing, but different textured fabrics actually make a real difference to the look of a room, and they feel great against your skin when you are sleeping 

#4 Colour Splash 

You do not have to stick with red if it is not your favourite colour. A splash of any colour can make a huge difference to a room, adding points of interest, changing the focal point of the whole room and adding and taking away cool notes or warm points. Revert to your childhood and do some colouring in, practising different colour combinations until you find the one that makes you say 'yes'! Then pick out your bedding in those colours and voila, enjoy your new-look winter bedroom. 

# 5 Pile up the Pillows 

Load your bedroom up with pillows and cushions. Extra pillows add layers of comfort, with more indulgence with every set of pillows added – that is, until the bed is approximately one-third covered with pillows. Any more than that, and the bed looks crowded and bulky, and it can be hard to sleep amongst all that puffiness. 

So there you have some ways to get your bedroom feeling warm and festive to stave off the chill and keep grey winter misery out of doors. How are you going to remake your bedroom this season?

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