For ages I have been looking for what I call a 'kitchen radio' something I can use in my kitchen but also matches and blends in to my other kitchen wares like the kettle, my cake stand mixer etc. This Emma Bridgewater designed MYVQ Retro Mini* has that perfect vintage style and stunning rose design which is actually printed leatherette (there are even a couple of hidden bumble bees in the pattern.) 

The radio has a built in DAB radio and also connects to your devices via Bluetooth meaning you can play your own music too! I love the easy to use buttons on the front and that I can program in my favourite stations so that I can go straight to that with the press of the star. I do think it would be even better if it came with a little remote but knowing me I would probably lose that anyway!

See the little bee?!

This is the perfect little radio for a kitchen, living room or bedroom as it can run on batteries or mains meaning you can take it out into the garden in summer perfect for bbq's and parties! There are 20 colours / designs to choose from several of them are Emma Bridgewater designs which I adore. The sound quality is really good especially for a smaller sized radio! To find out more and purchase your own, head here.

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