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Being a sequel means there is a lot to live up to, can you continue the story, will it do justice to the characters you thought up and imagined and lived on in the waiting period for the next book? Perfect is just that. Perfect in only a way Cecelia Ahern could create. Such complex characters, and thought provoking story lines. I've never written a proper book review before so I'm not sure how much I am meant to give away but obviously I don't want to give away any spoilers! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Perfect, if you've ever read UGLIES or another dystopian based book series then this has a very similar vibe! Obviously I would recommend reading the first book in the series; FLAWED before reading the sequel but even if you hadn't it's pretty easy to get into without knowing all the details.

Prepare for tears, there are a few hard to read scenes but let's move onto something a little more predictable. Is a YA book really a YA book without a love triangle? The answer is no of course! I love a good book romance and Perfect has one.. or two. Again a YA book isn't complete without a good dose of Drama and being 24 now.. I did feel some story lines were a little stretched out just for 'the drama' but it worked with the world.


Overall I would give this book 3/5 stars just because I have read ALOT of books with similar themes and preferred some others but it still has a wonderful story line and is easy to read which I do like in a book. To find out more info or purchase the book yourself click here.
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