what i got for christmas | unicorn brushes

I got two gorgeous unicorn brush sets for Christmas, one 5pc rose gold set with pink bristles off my lovely boyfriend and a 10pc iridescent white bristled set. Both are absolutely stunning and so incredibly soft! I sell both of these sets on my depeop account (@serenasbeautyboutique) and decided I needed both for myself as their so gorgeous so my family ordered some for me! 

When I first saw them I couldn't actually believe how shiny and shimmery they were - the photos don't do them justice - and I daren't use them at first. But soon after I was using them to apply my blush and powder. They are 100% synthetic and so so soft that powders just glide onto the skin totally flawless!

I am yet to use them with any liquid foundations as I have a brush that I really like to use for that but 
I will give that a go soon and let you know my thoughts on it. There is one particular brush that works wonderfully for contour, it's a short but fat brush (first on the left in top photo) that fits the cheekbone perfectly! - what do you think of these brushes?

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